Maybe I’m A Fool – Lyrics

Title  Maybe I’m A Fool
Composer  J. Leslie McFarland
Composition’s Year  1960
First Recording Artist  Aretha Franklin
Aretha’s First Recording Year  1961

Maybe I’m a fool for loving you so
And maybe, maybe I’m a fool, I don’t, I don’t really know
But I can’t, I can’t stop loving you darling, oh yes
Though I tried, oh yes

And maybe, maybe your goodbye was so mean, so mean and unfair
Though you made me cry, my love’s still there
And I know, I know that I’ll long for your kisses
Oh, until I die, oh yes sir, until I die

Well, I said all of my friends, all of my friends have told me
They said, “Aretha, why don’t you find
You really need to find somebody new”, yeah, oh, oh, yeah
But what they don’t know, what they just don’t know is in my heart
I’d be wishing, oh, that that someone was you

So, oh, oh, oh, it’s all for you to decide
If you should decide to trap me once more
Oh, all you got to do, all you got to do is knock on my door
And I’ll say, I’ll say that I’ve taken you back
Yeah, taking you back would be foolish
Then maybe, oh, maybe I’m a fool
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Català – Potser Sóc Tonta
Potser sóc tonta per estimar-te tant
I potser, potser sóc tonta, no, realment no ho sé
Però no puc, no puc deixar d’estimar-te, estimada, oh sí
Tot i que ho he intentat, oh sí

I potser, potser el teu adéu va ser molt mesquí, molt mesquí i injust
Tot i que em vas fer plorar, el meu amor segueix aquí
I sé, sé que anyoraré els teus petons
Oh, fins que mori, oh sí senyor, fins que mori

Bé, he dit que tots els meus amics, tots els meus amics m’han dit
M’han dit: “Aretha, per què no trobes
Realment necessites trobar algú nou”, sí, oh, oh, sí
Però el que no saben, justament, el que no saben està dins el meu cor
Jo desitjaria, oh, que aquest algú fossis tu

Així que, oh, oh, oh, tu decideixes
Si decideixes atrapar-me un cop més
Oh, tot el que has de fer, tot el que has de fer és trucar a la meva porta
I jo diré, jo diré que m’has tornat a agafar
Sí, tornar-te a agafar a tu seria absurd
Aleshores, potser, oh, potser sóc tonta
Sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí
Sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí, sí


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