First Snow In Kokomo – Lyrics

Title  First Snow In Kokomo
Composer  Aretha Franklin
Composition’s Year  1971
First Recording Artist  Aretha Franklin
Aretha’s First Recording Year  1971

(First snow in Kokomo)
The first snow in Kokomo
Off an Indiana highway, I was on my way to Kokomo
A funny friend named Chuck slipped and bumped his head  (oops)
And as we picked him up, asked us had his nose turned red
That was the first snow in Kokomo

Kenny learning to blow his horn
I was feeling right up to it
Could it be done? Yes, I could do it
That first snow in Kokomo  (first snow)

Jimmy Dee playing a bass he was learning to play
Applegate discovered a coronet, almost right away
Reggie expecting a baby, and was Freddy kinda blue  (uuh)
That was the first snow in Kokomo

Jimmy Dee has put his bass away  (put away)
And I wonder if Applegate ever learned to play
Kenny is really, really blowing his horn
And a baby named Moishe has been born  (pretty little baby)
Freddy’s getting ready to make things right  (right on, Freddy)
Since that first snow, that first snow in Kokomo
(First snow in Kokomo)
(The first snow in Kokomo)
(The first snow)

Català – Primera Nevada A Kokomo
(Primera nevada a Kokomo)
La primera nevada a Kokomo
Davant d’una autopista d’Indiana, estava de camí a Kokomo
Un divertit amic anomenat Chuck va relliscar i es va colpejar el cap  (oops)
I mentre el recollíem, ens va preguntar si el seu nas s’havia posat vermell
Aquesta va ser la primera nevada a Kokomo

En Kenny aprenent a bufar la seva trompa
Em sentia bé
Es podrà fer? Sí, podré fer-ho
Aquella primera nevada a Kokomo  (primera nevada)

En Jimmy Dee tocant un baix que estava aprenent a tocar
N’Applegate va descobrir una corneta, gairebé tot seguit
Na Reggie esperant un nadó, i en Freddy estava una mica trist  (uuh)
Aquesta va ser la primera nevada a Kokomo

En Jimmy Dee ha guardat el seu baix  (guardar)
I em pregunto si n’Applegate va aprendre mai a tocar
En Kenny està realment, realment bufant la seva trompa
I un nadó anomenat Moishe ha nascut  (bonic petit nadó)
En Freddy és a punt de fer les coses bé  (endavant, Freddy)
Des d’aquella primera nevada, aquella primera nevada a Kokomo
(Primera nevada a Kokomo)
(La primera nevada a Kokomo)
(La primera nevada)


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