Ramblin’ – Lyrics

Title  Ramblin’
Composer  Maybelle Smith
Composition’s Year  1957
First Recording Artist  Big Maybelle
Aretha’s First Recording Year  1969

I’ve got the blues for the highway
Rambling blues, I got to go
I better start running
Because walking for me is much too slow, oh, yes it is

I’m undecided whether to go or stay
It’s true I love you baby but I can not make it this way
Oh, baby, I just can’t make it this way, oh no, I can’t

You’ve got me worried every night and day, oh yes, I do now
Well I’m just plain and tired sick of your funky ways

Yeah, hey, baby, yeah
Tell them about it
I understand you
Yeah, tell them about it, yeah, oh

So long baby, baby, goodbye
I’m gonna start rambling, gonna be rambling till the day I die
Yeah, baby, gonna ramble ramble ramble ramble
Get into something until the day I die, yes I am

Oh, so long, oh, so long
Tell them about it, tell them about it right now
So long baby, oh yeah
Tell the story, rambling
I’m gonna be rambling
Till the day I die, yeah, oh yeah
You got it baby, you got it
So long baby, oh

Català – Divagant
Tinc el blues de la carretera
Blues divagant, he de marxar
Serà millor que comenci a córrer
Perquè caminar per a mi és massa lent, oh, sí que ho és

Estic indecisa si marxar o quedar-me
És veritat que t’estimo noi, però no puc fer-ho així
Oh, noi, no puc no fer-ho així, oh no, no puc

Em tens amoïnada cada nit i cada dia, oh sí, ho estic ara
Bé, senzillament, estic cansada i farta de les teves originals maneres

Sí, bé, noi, sí
Sí, explica’ls-hi, sí, oh

Massa temps, noi, noi, adéu
Començaré a divagar, estaré divagant fins el dia que mori
Sí, noi, divagaré, divagaré, divagaré, divagaré
Treballaré en alguna cosa fins el dia que mori, sí, ho faré

Oh, massa temps, oh, massa temps
Explica’ls-hi, explica’ls-hi ara mateix
Massa temps, noi, oh sí
Explica la història, divagant
Estaré divagant
Fins el dia que mori, sí, oh sí
Ho tens, noi, ho tens
Massa temps, noi, oh

3 responses to “Ramblin’ – Lyrics

  1. It’s actually, “well I’m just plain and tired sick of FUNKY ways”, not “fucking”. She would not have used that language on vinyl especially not during the time of the album’s release. But thanks for including this song, it’s one of my favorites! 😉

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