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català Sóc en Joan Vallcorba, pianista, compositor i col·leccionista de discos d’Arenys de Munt (Catalunya) … en aquest blog aniré penjant material d’una de les meves cantants preferides: Aretha Franklin. També toco el piano a un grup de tribut a Aretha Franklin anomenat Galetes Franklin … el propósit d’aquest espai és recollir i organitzar, mica a mica, tota mena de material d’Aretha Franklin … qualsevol rectificació o ajuda serà ben rebuda.

english I am Joan Vallcorba, pianist, composer and record collector located in Arenys de Munt (Catalunya) … in this blog I will go posting material from one of my favorite singers: Aretha Franklin. I also play the piano on a tribute group of Aretha Franklin called Galetes Franklin … the purpose of this site is to compile and organize little by little any kind of Aretha Franklin’s material … any correction or suggestion will be welcomed.

19 responses to “Sobre Mi / About

  1. You really do a good work. Keep it up! You send me from France is rare – and not seen too much on the net. What a lovely performance!
    The Stockholm session I remember I saw on TV 1968 as a little kid.
    Are your base in Barcelona?
    La primera vez que estuve en Barcelona fue 1975. Me invitaron a un nightclub escuchando a Los Gauchos, una banda de Argentina y despues bailamos. I remember they played Aretha´s Respect. What a night to remember!

  2. Hi Bjorn,Thanks for your kind words. I’m in Arenys de Munt, 40 km from Barcelona. I’m simply collecting All sort of Aretha’s things I have or I see on the net … with a little luck this place will be full of information in about 2 years. All the best!

  3. Hi again! Hola! I suppose you saw Aretha singing at Fallons now before Christmas. She sings better now and her voice is more under control, she even looked younger! So glad she is still with us! Happy New Year to You! Don´t drink too much!

  4. Hello! Great Aretha site. Made with lots of love and R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! Kee[ up the good work. The web site is colorful and stylish and with Aretha…Timeless!!

  5. Hello,
    Like you, I love Aretha.
    I see she’ll give concerts in October/November.
    Do you know or have you heard of a fan reunion to go there?
    I live in France.
    Thanks a lot, and keep the good word on your site!

  6. Hello! I found this page via your youtube channel. Love the videos, please keep them coming. I was wondering if you would do me a favour and send me an mp3 of the ‘If Ever I would Leave You’ track? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
    If you wouldn’t mind, my email address is duchessofuke @
    Thank you anyway! I love Aretha 😀

  7. i LOVE this website! Thank you a million times and best regards from Chicago! i am a recent Aretha fanatic…

    P.S. What’s your favorite song by Aretha?

    • Hi Daniel … Thanks for your kind words … It’s difficult to say what song is my favourite, but maybe it would be “A Chance Is Gonna Come” (the last song from the first album with atlantic) … all the best!

      • That’s one of my favorites too. I like to listen to it when I’m feeling down. Also love Call Me, If you Don’t Think, and I’m a Fool for You. I’ll be reading more of your posts and content soon! Thank you and best regards!

  8. I’m trying to determine which version of Day Dreaming was commercially available in the States. The Promo mono and stereo mixes are VERY different. In the mono mix you can hear drums almost as soon as Aretha starts singing solo. In the stereo mix the drums don’t come in until several lines into the song. Do you know which version was issued on the commercial Atlantic 45?

  9. Thank you so much, I had been searching unsuccessfully for the origins of School Days for years after hearing a cover and loving it, until I found your posting. You do amazing work!

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