I Don’t Know You Anymore – Lyrics

Title  I Don’t Know You Anymore
Composer  Gary Geld, Peter Udell
Composition’s Year  1961
First Recording Artist  Linda Hopkins
Aretha’s First Recording Year  1962

Lately, when I hold you
You’re like a stranger in my arms
You seem to be afraid of me
Honey, I don’t know you anymore

Baby, when I kiss you
You don’t give in, give in to me at all
You string along, but I know there’s something wrong
Yes it is, I don’t know you anymore

We used to talk for hours
I was out of time
But lately we run out of words
And almost out of time

Oh, oh I, oh I, I want to love you, yeah
Don’t let me go on this way, this way
You’re acting strange and I know there’s been a change
Yeah, I don’t know you anymore
Honey, baby, ooh, I don’t know you anymore
Anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore

Català – Ja No Et Conec
Darrerament, quan t’abraço
Ets com un estrany en els meus braços
Sembles tenir por de mi
Estimat, ja no et conec

Noi, quan et beso
No t’entregues, no te m’entregues en absolut
Te m’enganxes, però sé que hi ha alguna cosa malament
Sí, és cert, ja no et conec

Solíem parlar durant hores
Perdia la noció del temps
Però darrerament ens quedem sense paraules
I gairebé sense temps

Oh, oh jo, oh jo, vull estimar-te, sí
No deixis que em senti així, així
Actues estranyament i sé que hi ha hagut un canvi
Sí, ja no et conec
Estimat, noi, ooh, ja no et conec
Ja no, ja no, ja no, ja no, ja no