Lawdy Miss Clawdy – Lyrics

Title  Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Composer  Lloyd Price
Composition’s Year  1952
First Recording Artist  Lloyd Price
Aretha’s First Recording Year  1999

Well now, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, Mister Clawdy
Hey, you sure look good to me, you know it
Well now, please don’t excite me baby
I know it can’t be me, yes sir

I’m gonna tell, tell my daddy
Yeah, I swear I will tell what you’ve been doing to me
I’m gonna tell everybody
That I’m down in misery, yeah

Well now, bye, bye-bye, baby
Hey, I won’t be trouble no more
Well, goodbye Clawdy old darling
Down the road I go

Català – Lawdy Senyor Clawdy
Bé, ara, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, senyor Clawdy
Ei, t’asseguro que m’agrades, ho saps
Ara bé, si us plau no m’excitis noi
Sé que no puc ser jo, sí senyor

Li diré, diré al meu pare
Sí, juro que diré el que m’has estat fent
Li diré a tothom
Que estic patint, sí

Bé, ara, adéu, adéu, noi
Ei, no seré un problema mai més
Bé, adéu Clawdy vell estimat
Pel camí me’n vaig

Interview & Performance – The Oprah Winfrey Show – 1999

Title Song 1  Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Composer  Lloyd Price

Title Song 2  Dear Heart
Composer  Henry Mancini, Ray Evans, Jay Livingston

Title Song 3  Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Composer  Frank DeVol, Mack David

Title Song 4  Shotgun
Composer  Autry DeWalt

Title Song 5  We Need Power
Composer  Traditional

Live at  The Oprah Winfrey Show
Year  1999
Country  USA
Interviewed by  Oprah Winfrey
With  Erma Franklin